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Building Connections is intended to bring individuals in recovery, families affected by substance use disorder and the community together through a connection of artistic creation, movement and music.  This opportunity can help to enhance the lives of people in recovery, their families while increasing compassion of the general community to understand the medical disease of Substance Use Disorder.   Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) identifies four major dimensions that support life in recovery; health, home, purpose and community

The “program would allow for individuals to express themselves through a multitude of creative outlet including art, writing, poetry, crafts, yarn work, sewing, movement (yoga, dance, exercise, group walks, cycling) and/or music (drumming, guitar, vocal).  In this program, people in recovery can meet people who do not suffer from substance use disorder (SUD) but share common interest of activities. Individuals who do not have a substance use history would attend a presentation on addiction and show compassion for people who suffer from this disease. The program would utilize local artists, to teach individuals skills. Individuals would also be able to come in and work on their own project. 

Did you know COPE Network is looking for artistic individuals who are interesting is sharing their skills, and expertise with others.  If you are an artists, crafter, writer, musician, movement instructor, gardener, or have knowledge on a subject of health please contact us at and tell us more about your interest.

Check the Events and Activities Page for activities including ongoing programs and special events

Now offering Tai Chi, Acudetox Acupuncture.  Yoga, Coffee and Canvas, Movie nights.

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