IN 2012, when she was only 21 years old, Marissa King of Kalamazoo lost her life to addiction.

Since her death, her surviving friends and family have worked to make sense of the battle Marissa fought with her addiction.

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COPE  Mission - To inspire a community that supports understanding and compassion for people affected by substance use disorder and their families. Accepting substance use disorder as a medical illness that can be overcome.

COPE Vision - Creating compassionate community 

COPE Goal – to offer people affected by substance use disorder resources and connection in the community enhancing recovery opportunity.

  • Provide activities enlarging their communities beyond other people affected with substance use disorder (SUD)

  • Provide educations programs strengthening recovery opportunity

  • Offer connections to resources supporting a healthy recovery community

Executive Director - Nancy King

Meet the Board

President - Amy Jonatzke

Vice President - Devon King

Secretary - Kane Russell

Treasurer - Ashley Choker

Members at Large

         Ahed Zayzafoon

         Donna Ramesh


         Chad Johnson

         Anna Langerveld

Community Advisory Board

Mary Springer

Sharee Niblack

Joshua Jackson

Sandy Chirhart

Amber Brown