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In August 2021, COPE received news that the building we had been operating in for the past four years was being sold out from under us. This news was sudden and came after COPE had already been impacted by a decrease in funding due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving us with little time and resources to find a comparable space. We have since moved from a 10,000 sq ft facility with multiple offices and large rooms to hold our programs to a 3,000 sq ft space. We had to significantly cut back our programming due to this change, which means we're not currently able to offer the community the variety of programming we typically provide.

Since we hope to be up and running as usual as soon as possible, we're raising money to find a new building that meets our needs. If we're unable to find a building anytime soon, we'll use the money we raise for storage spaces while we continue our search. We may also use the money for legal aid. If all else fails, we will use the money we raise to adapt and continue our programming however we possibly can.

Please visit our GoFundMe page to donate or share about our cause on social media. GoFundMe requires a minimum donation of $5.00, but if you want to donate less, or just want to make your donation privately, we are also accepting donations on Venmo or Paypal.

If you would like to make a donation by check or want to help us another way, please
Contact Us.

Please also sign up for email updates from COPE to keep up to date on what we're doing.

Thank you all for everything.

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